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Editors Picks

One of the fun things about being the editor is I get my own page on the website that I can fill with whatever I choose. Here’s some of my recent favourites … things that made me laugh, cry or just taught me a good lesson or two about this place we call home.

Queen of Chinese Cuisine

Elizabeth Chong

Come with Coast for an insight into the life and influences of celebrity chef Elizabeth Chong. Her warmth, energy and and graciousness is an inspiration to us all.

Words: Katie Cincotta  Photos: Warren Reed

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Fruit salad with lime syrup

Fruit Salad with lime syrup

We are thrilled to welcome Nellie Kerrison from Relish Mama to the Coast Kitchen … and she’s sharing a few of her summer favourites with us.


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Granola Clusters

homemade almond, cranberry and coconut oil granola

This crunchy, homemade Almond, Cranberry and Coconut Oil Granola is the perfect breakfast-on-the-run snack.




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What we do

Let us make you look great.
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Dan Kelly, The Great Escape
Print Ad – Annette Spinks
Road Warrior, Russel Allan
Road Warrior Russell Allen
Landscape Photography
Landscape Photograhy warren reed
Print ad – Dennis Piasente
Kilcunda General Store
Kicunda cafe , Half Page advert
Peter Stainthorpe – portrait
Print Ad – Lacy’s
Coffee Collective
Photography for Coffee Clooective. Advertising Coast Magazine
Food – Cape Kitchen
Print ad – 5elements
Sudanese Refugee
Warren Reed Photography Coast Magazine
Print Ad – S J Wuillermin
Print Ad – Look Sharp Inspections

The Coast Team

The Coast team is a creative group of left-of-centre individuals with a broad range of marketing, promotional, photographic and design skills.

Warren Reed
Warren Reed

Warren Reed

Robyn Kemp
Robyn Kemp

Robyn Kemp

Sales Manager
Warren Reed

Warren Reed

Robyn Kemp

Robyn Kemp

Sales Manager

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