Have you seen a lonesome cowboy ambling down the highway at Dalyston on his trusty steed of late? Well, Colin ‘Tex’ McKenzie may look like a lone cowboy but there is so much more to his character which fits neither description!

Colin McKenzie doesn’t like stereotypes and refuses to be labelled. He has walked many miles on the bumpy road of life and has found a semblance of peace at a farm nestled in the hills of Dalyston.


Tamsin Carvan of Tamsin's Table.
Tamsin Carvan of Tamsin's Table.

Just down the road

Talk about magic. Some stories come together so easily and this was one of them. Warren and I spent a wonderful morning soaking up the sunshine at Tasmin’s farm in Poowong. She was generous with her time and so open to sharing her story. It was a real joy.  I am definitely going to get out and plant myself a veggie garden this spring … and then book a seat at that table.

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